Live Edge

Live edge or natural edge is a style of furniture where the carpenter incorporates the natural edge of the wood into the design of the piece. Technically speaking, “Live Edge” refers to the living part of the tree, the outer rings. Imagine the trunk of the tree being cut into logs which are in-turn sliced into slabs. The entire slab is then used, only removing the bark, revealing the natural edge. By letting the natural edges define form, Live Edge furniture celebrates the beautiful imperfections & multi-hued grain pattern created by the vicissitudes of nature.

At Solid Bench, we find our inspiration in the work of Nature. So instead of re-fashioning & re-working the wood, we focus on preserving its form and giving it a second life. Since nature has already shaped the tree, we use our vision, technique and craftsmanship to transform the tree into a piece of furniture.The imperfections in the slabs are not removed, but rather, through the use of skilled craftsmanship, translated into the signature statement unique to that piece. Because of this very reason, no two pieces of live edge furniture are ever identical.

From Nature, we have also learnt the skill of Tinkering - Tinkering over time through never ending cycles of trial and error, to be more precise. Nature has perfected its design machine through such tinkering which has convinced us that creating timeless art involves time and a quest for continuous perfection (Enso – our motto). At Solid Bench, we take pride in our craftsmanship which we have developed through repeatable processes and rigorous technique, learnt over time.

Live Edge Furniture is not some inanimate pieces put together. It is ALIVE. It is ART. It is HISTORY re-written through master craftsmanship.